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6 Steps For Your Next At Home Facial Treatment

by Simranjeet Sahni 20 Aug 2023
6 Steps For Your Next At Home Facial Treatment - Bee Naturals

While we’re not advocates of cutting your own hair, you CAN give yourself some much-needed skin ‘self-care’ while sheltering in place. There’s no reason your face, skin, and nails can’t be glowing, soft, and beautiful. So, let’s do this!

Revitalize Your Face With a Facial!

You can easily pamper your face at home with your favorite Bee Natural skincare products. But, before you get started, you need to make a plan. Here’s the process we recommend: 

1. First Cleanse

Our pro tip is to do as estheticians do and start with a double-cleanse.  No, we don’t mean wash your face twice, either.  The first cleanse dissolves oil-soluble debris from the skin, without scrubbing.

Use either mild cleansing milk (non-foaming), or cleansing oil. Using the tips of your fingers and circular motions, massage into your entire face, neck, and decolletage. Use a warm, moist face cloth to gently remove the product from your skin.  

2. Second Cleanse

Use your normal foaming skin cleanser to thoroughly cleanse, again. This process removes water-soluble soil from the skin, as well as any residual cleanser from the first cleanse.

3. Exfoliate 

There are three ways you can exfoliate, especially important if your complexion is looking a bit dull.  We recommend fragile and/or sensitive skin to avoid mechanical ‘scrubs’ and rather, use either acid or enzymatic products.  Brighten skin and help your treatments better absorb.


  • Bee Naturals Facial Polish (mechanical exfoliator)  mix a small amount with plain yogurt or mashed avocado for a real treat)
  • Bee Naturals Fruit Acid AHA/BHA Exfoliating Creme (acid exfoliator) 
  • Bee Naturals Exfoliating Creme (enzymatic exfoliator)  apply a thin layer, leave on 15 min. Then rinse with cool water, or leave overnight for more enhanced effect)

4. Mask

Unless you have extremely oily, acne-prone skin with whiteheads and/or blackheads, you may not need to use a mask.  Clay masks do vary in their effect, some are more drying than others, so if your skin is dry or delicate, you may want to skip this step. For those who really need that extra deep clean, we recommend Bee Naturals Detox Mask.  Apply a thin layer to slightly damp skin and gently massage over the surface.  Let dry for only about 10 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Pro-Tip – Always use lukewarm water on your face; never hot or ice-cold, however, you can use an ice cube wrapped in gauze to reduce the inflammation of a major, tender pimple.  Hot water can increase capillary engorgement and/or redness is drying and can be a set-up for reactivity to facial care products.

5. Nourish And Treatments

Face dry, lackluster, and looking undernourished?  Try Bee Naturals Bio-Phyto with retinol and natural beta carotene.  Apply just a couple of this orange elixir to dry skin and massage in, thoroughly.  Then, blot off any excess before bed to avoid orange pillowcases. Want to help reduce signs of aging and bulletproof your skin from hyperpigmentation? Only a few drops of our Bee Naturals Ultra AA Serum with non-irritating MAP Vitamin C. Always apply in the AM, before moisturizer or makeup. Remember to apply to the neck and decolletage, too.

6. Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin is important to keep it soft and looking fresh! Bee Naturals Facial Nectar is a great lightweight all-purpose moisturizer for many skin types, except acne-prone. Oil and Acne prone skin calls for oil-free moisture from Bee Naturals Oil Free Day & Night Set (containing our Oil Free Moisturizer Facial Serum, Night Repair Creme, and Day Creme).

Pro-Tip – all skin needs a boost in the moisturizer department.  It’s what you use that makes all the difference.  Need help choosing which is best for you?  

Extremely Dry Skin will benefit most from our Queen Bee Facial Serum, Creme Luxe Intense Moisture. Oh, and don’t forget to slather your hands in rich hand cream to counter the drying effects of all this hand washing and hand sanitizer.  

Special Facial Treatment Options

If you deal with sensitive skin or other conditions, check out our tips below for the skin condition you are dealing with. 


Try Bee Naturals CC Serum with chlorophyll and soothing chamomile extract to soothe, hydrate and calm.


Try Bee Naturals Inflammation Soothing Oil, particularly for those with inflammatory acne.  Yes, it’s an oil and no, it’s not comedogenic. 

Dehydrated skin

Give your face ‘a drink of waterbefore applying moisturizer to help it plump and help your moisturizer work better.  Try Bee Naturals Hydrating Facial Freshener or Calming Tonic for Sensitive Skin.

There, now don’t you feel better?!

Call (573) – 242 – 3475 or contact us for a personalized skincare consultation- we want to help!

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