Foaming Face Wash

Best For Oily Skin

Product Description

Our Self-Foaming Face Wash cleanses without harshness or detergent. This oil, salicylate, and medication free cleanser soothes inflammation with feverfew extract, tea tree, lavender and lemon essential oils, while it cleanses thoroughly without stripping your natural oil; a situation that can often result in causing dryness and flaking.

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Cleanse your face with a dollop of our Foaming Face Wash morning and evening and follow with Bee Naturals Hydrating Freshener and Oil-Free Moisturizer for the very best results.

Weight: Available in 8 fl oz size, convenient 2 fl oz travel size, and 8 fl oz refill bottle without the pump.



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8 reviews for Foaming Face Wash

  1. mmtopp

    I have combination skin and am prone to acne. This face wash is great and doesn’t break me out.

  2. pambarnes

    My face is very oily yet dry, especially in the winter when I get bumps on my forehead. This cleanser helps to keep the sores away. I have been using it for more than two years and love it!

  3. Jessica

    I’ve always had super oily & acne prone skin mostly on my face but also down to my shoulders, chest and back. I’ve used just about every acne face wash out there to no avail. I’m talking top of the line cleansers here. Some helped but only temporarily. This was one of my first purchases from Bee Naturals and I’ll never forget the first time I used it because afterward I thought my skin felt dry. After waiting a few minutes to well, to ponder my next move, I realized that my skin was NOT dry. It was CLEAN!!! NO over drying, no burning, stinging or irritation, just soft clean skin! Been using this since the beginning of June and I’m completely in love. Another exquisite product from my new favorite skin care family ?

  4. irina.krel21

    I was debating purchasing this cleanser or the mild rose formula. Overall, it’s not a bad cleanser at all and does not cause me to break out, but I was using it during a week when I had a cold virus and the skin under my nose was very sensitive (after blowing it probably 100 times a day). This cleanser definitely stung right where that sensitive skin was. I switched to my old cleanser for the duration of my cold and then went back to this one after I was better. No more stinging after the cold was gone and that skin healed. I think next time I may try the mild rose cleanser and see if it’s any different.

  5. Linda

    I have had terrible luck with every oil-free face wash, until this one. It leaves my face feeling very clean, but not over-dry. My skin is very dry and sensitive, but this face wash + the oil free Bee Naturals moisturizers have kept me free of break outs and the quality of my skin is so much better. My husband has also started using this face wash and really loves it!

  6. Valerie Perez

  7. Anonymous

    I use this in the summer to help with a deeper clean! It cleans without drying.

  8. anna horton


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