BN For Men Anti-Aging Serum

Product Description

Use this powerful elixir twice daily to fortify and protect your face from visible signs of aging.

Concentrated nourishing oils combined with essential oils, vitamins A, C and E protect from free radicals.

Convenient travel-size packaging.

  • High concentration of oils
  • Rich in Vitamins E, A & C
  • Blend of 9 essential oils
  • Formulated with nut oils & butters in conjunction with Helio Carrot
  • Only a few drops are needed to cover the entire face
  • Protect skin from free-radicals
  • Soothes irritation, fights environmental threats & renew skin’s texture
  • Creates supple, dewy skin & encourages cell renewal

Coming Soon.

Macadamia nut Oil, avocado, Jojoba, Camellias, Sesame Seed Oil, Hazelnut oil, tocopherol acetate,(Vitamin E), Vitamin A, ascorbylpalmitate (Vitamin C), heliocarrot, Rose damascena Oil, carrot seed oil, sandalwood, myrrh, neroli, rose geranium oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary oil, and German chamomile.

Weight: 1 fl oz


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