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The Evolution of My Skin Has Been Dramatic

by Simranjeet Sahni 23 Aug 2023

I had made a promise to myself about two years ago to start getting rid of chemical products in my life.

I happened to stumble upon Bee Naturals Maplewood Spa a few months, and it really has made a huge difference in my life.

I come every four to six weeks to get a facial. They use their products, and then I usually buy one or two to replace products that I’ve had.

I see a difference in everything that I do.

The rose geranium face wash really makes my skin feel so soft. It presents an even tone. It smells really great, but the way it feels when I put it on, and after I rinse — it just makes my skin feel moisturized; it makes it feel very soft.

My other favorite product is the CC Serum. It draws the redness out of parts of your body and in those blotches or blemishes that you have. Sometimes I just put it all over my face after a long day of work because it just has a nice feel to it. But on those days that I do have more red blemishes, I’ll put a little on there to help it take that harshness out, and even that pain that you can get from it.

At Bee Naturals their customer service is really above and beyond. When I come in, they know me by my name, they recommend things to me that they know will be beneficial to my skin type.

And I am super relaxed when I come in and get my facials. The atmosphere is really genuine and it’s just a beautiful place to come as well.

The evolution of my skin has really been dramatic since coming here, and I just have really been so grateful, and really like their products.

— Sue Donze, Loyal Customer

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