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Ultra Illuminating Serum: Everything You Need To Know

by Simranjeet Sahni 20 Aug 2023
Ultra Illuminating Serum: Everything You Need To Know - Bee Naturals

While everyone experiences the aging process differently, common physical effects often include the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin texture, discoloration, and a loss of elasticity. In addition to these prevalent signs, it is not uncommon for people to experience other skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, due to aging.

Today, several products can help with skin conditions. And for those using a high-quality, modern product like our Ultra Illuminating Serum, it is likely to contain certain ingredients like Alpha-Arbutin, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, etc. These ingredients have significantly improved the effectiveness and safety of serums that target aging and hyperpigmentation and for a good reason.

So what exactly makes the Ultra Illuminating Serum so special, and how is it different from other similar products?


The Ultra Illuminating Serum uses a combination of ingredients consisting of five different skin-whitening elements that offer superior performance compared to similar ingredients without the negative effects of Hydroquinone or Retinol.  This particular blend of ingredients has skin-lightening and anti-aging properties along with superior hydration capabilities.

Products formulated with these ingredients essentially mitigate melanin production better than others and contain oligopeptides and potent antioxidants, all of which help to build a more substantial barrier, reduce wrinkles and other skin conditions and ease inflammation.

As a result of aging, collagen and elastin break down in the skin, which causes the skin to become loose and prone to wrinkling. Other causes of aging effects on the skin include exposure to ultraviolet light and certain lifestyle habits that further foster collagen breakdown.

Speaking of UV exposure, this risk factor has remained the leading cause of most skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation. In this case, you could notice your skin getting darker in small patches, large areas, or the entire body. Other risk factors 

Dermatologists recommend topical prescription medications to treat anti-aging effects and some cases of hyperpigmentation. These medications often contain several ingredients, such as hydroquinone and retinol, which helps to lighten the skin and clear wrinkles. However, while most of these ingredients work effectively, they are not always ideal for all skin types, and in some cases, they exhibit undesirable effects.

This has resulted in a proprietary blend of Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Vitamin C, and Alpha-Arbutin being used as more effective ingredients for producing anti-aging and hyperpigmentation products. Some physical features of this blend include;

  • Clear to slightly hazy liquid
  • Sediments slightly over time.
  • It can be preserved with benzyl, alcohol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and sodium metabisulfite.

Based on tests, this proprietary blend can even skin tone in about four weeks and reduces dull appearance for brighter skin.


While aging is a natural process, hyperpigmentation features certain risk factors, all of which are underlined by the excess production of melanin – the pigment responsible for the skin’s color. Several conditions can alter the production of melanin in your body. For instance, certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs, can cause hyperpigmentation as a side effect.

Hyperpigmentation is also common among pregnant women, with pregnancy change hormones a significant causation factor. Furthermore, people exposed to the sun and dealing with a rare endocrine disease called Addison’s disease can also develop the condition in areas of exposure.

As we said earlier, hydroquinone and retinol are widespread components of most anti-aging and hyperpigmentation products. However, there have been significant question marks about the efficacy of these ingredients. Some users have reported adverse side effects, while others have claimed that products formulated with these ingredients do not work as needed.

The side effects of hydroquinone and retinol are prevalent among users with sensitive skin, pregnant women, and those going through chemotherapy. Some common side effects of hydroquinone include mild burning, redness, dryness, blistering, cracking, and blue-black skin darkening. Severe allergic reactions to hydroquinone are also possible; however, this side effect is rare.

Even retinol – one of the most highly researched and recommended skincare ingredients by medical professionals for anti-aging – also offers some side effects. These effects are very similar to hydroquinone and include redness, irritation, itching, dry skin, peeling skin, increased sensitivity to the sun, and skin cancer in severe cases.

The Ultra Illuminating Serum, and similar products containing hydroquinone, and retinol are effective anti-aging and anti-hyperpigmentation ingredients. However, the former is a better non-prescription alternative to hyperpigmentation and anti-aging, effective for all skin types, and safe for pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy.


The next time you wish to get an anti-aging and hyperpigmentation product, it’s best to explore Bee Naturals Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum. As the name suggests, this one-stop product effectively brightens your skin, reduces

 hyperpigmentation, and addresses anti-aging effects. 

We employ this special blend of non-irritating ingredients to provide super hydrating, anti-aging, and anti-hyperpigmentation for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily, mature, and combination skins. Aside from Alpha-Arbutin, the product also contains Resveratrol for its anti-aging and skin-lightening properties, Niacinamide for its anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice extract, and Vitamins C and E. A list of the benefits of Ultra Illuminating Serum include;

  • It reduces melanin production better than individual ingredients 
  • It contains calming oat oligopeptides and potent antioxidants 
  • Evens skin tone for a healthier complexion 
  • Visibly lightens skin in as quickly as four weeks 
  • Reduces the dull appearance of the skin for a brighter look

Considering all these benefits, it’s hard to dispute this blend of ingredients as an adequate replacement for hydroquinone and retinol. And Bee Naturals Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum takes full advantage of these ingredients to improve skin discoloration, fight fine lines and wrinkles, protect against future damage and promote a more healthy and hydrated complexion.

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