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The Skin You’re In – Morning Skin Routine

by Simranjeet Sahni 18 Aug 2023

My goal is to share with you how you can be the best version of yourself at any age. We are not about anti-aging we are about pro aging. Look the best you can whatever age you are. It’s unrealistic to think you look 20 when your 50 but you can still look like a beautiful woman at 50, or any age for that matter.

The Ultra AA Serum has helped out with my skin all over. It helped even out my pigmentation. Mostly it helps me retain my hydration. The hyaluronic in it allows your skin to absorb up to a thousand times its own weight in moisture. This is a HUGE breakthrough ladies! If you can keep moisture in your skin the better off you’re going to bee…pun intended. #amazingskin!

Here is the morning routine I follow!

I start my day the same way every morning. I look forward to it. I wake up and wash my face with Bee Naturals Cleansing Oil. It feels amazing, removes my makeup gently and since I’m a makeup artist I have to remove a lot of makeup. It’s citrus smell and the gentle cleansing glide over my skin. This cleansing oil is very refreshing and wakes me right up.

Next comes a spritz of Hydrating Facial Freshener. It’s light and refreshing and is a very important step in hydration. It allows your skin to maximize its hydration which, if you think about fine lines, if you’re able to fill them with water you know the rest. It diminishes the appearance my fine lines and wrinkles.

My key secret weapon is Bee Naturals Ultra AA Serum. This stuff is just quite simply liquid gold. As a makeup artist its hard for me to have my face exposed to the world, I was almost always my most comfortable in full war paint and in the past I’ve not been so confident about my skin. I too struggled with acne fine lines discoloration. I really got a grip on my skin and started using our products. I was a customer long before I worked for the company. I was so impressed with the results in my skin I had to get with Barb Chappuis (Founder) and pursue promoting this product because I believe in it.

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