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The Correct Way To Wash Your Face: 5 Simple Rules To Follow

by Simranjeet Sahni 19 Aug 2023

Did you know that there was a right and wrong way to wash your face?   Turns out, there is much more to it than just rinsing with the right cleanser.  For some of you, the idea that there are guidelines to follow, for something as simple as washing your face, may seem silly and insignificant.  But what if I told you that all those fancy serums, cleansers and moisturizers you have purchased are significantly less effective when applied to skin that has not been properly cleansed?

Good skin care starts with clean skin.  Without a clear palette to work with, there is really no point in applying moisturizing, blemish fighting or anti-aging products.  Follow these 5 simple rules and I promise you will be amazed with what a huge impact just a few slight changes in your routine can have on your complexion.


Rule #1 Wash your hands before you wash your face.

Makeup artists make a habit out of cleansing their brushes frequently before applying makeup to the face.  In the same respect, washing your hands is a crucial step for a proper cleanse.  Otherwise, you are essentially massaging dirt, grime and bacteria into your pores.



Rule #2 Remove your makeup prior to cleansing.

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that one quick rinse is capable of removing all of our makeup AND cleansing our skin.  Use an oil-based remover or cream cleanser to gently dissolve makeup to better prepare the face for a proper cleanse.



Rule #3 Rinse only with lukewarm water.

Steer clear of rinsing your face with water of extreme temperatures.  Subjecting the skin extreme water temperatures, hot or cold, causing irritating, dryness, and even burst capillaries.   Water set at lukewarm or normal temperatures has the added bonus of being able to break down residue better than water of a higher or lesser degree.




Rule #4 Take your time, but don’t over do it.

Brushing your teeth and washing your face share many of the same principles.  Aggressive brushing can cause loss of enamel and receding gums.   We are advised to take our time and brush the teeth in gentle circular motions.  Our skin demands the same amount of respect and
attention we give our mouths, yet a majority of people refuse to acknowledge its importance and deem those that do high maintenance.

Violently scrubbing and rubbing at your skin over long periods of time can have destructive side effects, often leading to premature sagging and wrinkling of the skin.  Use your fingertips and, much like brushing your teeth, massage your cleanser in circular motions around the face, for at least 60 seconds.


Rule #5 Pat the skin with a clean towel, leaving it slightly damp before applying your hydrators and moisturizers.

Again, just try not to be abrasive.  Rather than harshly wiping your skin, pat it over the skins surface.  Leaving a thin layer moisture will maximize the benefits of your hydrators.  Hydrating ingredients will bind with the excess water molecules and hold them to the skin, thus causing an increase hydration to then seal with the application of your moisturizer.  And always make sure the towel your using is clean!

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