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More Than Just A Brightening Serum

by Simranjeet Sahni 20 Aug 2023
More Than Just A Brightening Serum - Bee Naturals

Choosing the best skincare serum to correct your skin concerns is no small feat, and with the ever-increasing popularity of skin care in today’s world, it seems like we’re constantly bombarded with all manner of serums trying to get our attention. While there’s nothing wrong with variety, many of us want something simple and effective without having to pull out our high school chemistry book to figure out what it does. 

Serums are an excellent way to take your skincare routine to the next level. They’re lightweight, water-based liquids that are formulated with a high concentration of one or more ingredients. Depending on the formulation and ingredients used, they can brighten, tighten and tone, and hydrate. And while serums are a godsend for correcting and preventing skin concerns, things can get confusing when you have more than one skin concern you wish to target. 

Many of the serums you see today are marketed as brightening serums. Generally speaking, skincare products that brighten work to correct uneven skin tone, texture and overall skin discoloration resulting from any manner of skin concerns. This can be hyperpigmentation from acne, dull and uneven skin from a compromised skin barrier, sunspots and dark spots resulting from UV exposure, uneven skin tone and melasma due to hormones and pregnancy. 

If you’ve ever suffered from any of these skin concerns, then you know how difficult it can be to find something that works. Many brightening serums contain powerful acids and retinol that speed up skin cell turnover, resulting in fresher, newer skin on the surface. Others contain hydroquinone, a powerful skin lightener that suppresses melanin production. And while these are certainly effective and powerful ingredients, they can easily damage the skin’s natural protective barrier, leading to more damage than you had to begin with. 

Our newest serum helps you take the guesswork out of skincare in one easy product that contains everything you need and is safe for all skin types. In addition to brightening, our Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum soothes inflammation and irritation, wards off signs of aging, strengthens and protects the skin’s natural barrier and promotes moisture retention to keep the skin hydrated.

The best part about our newest serum? Everyone can use it. Its fragrance and paraben-free and effectively brightens skin without the use of acids, retinol, or hydroquinone—three of the biggest aggravators to skin that can do more harm than good when overused in a serum. It’s even gentle enough for sensitive skin types including those who suffer from rosacea, psoriasis, and other forms of dermatitis. 

Whereas most serums rely on acids like AHA’s, BHAs, and retinol that brighten skin by increasing cell turnover to shed skin cells for a lighter complexion all over, the Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum helps correct skin discoloration through the use of antioxidants. Most antioxidants have been proven to inhibit tyrosinase, one of the enzymes responsible for melanin production that results in excess pigment and lightens skin by only targeting the darker areas.

Antioxidants do more than just brighten the skin. They’re excellent hydrators that increase moisture retention and allow the skin to repair itself from the inflammation caused by acne, rosacea and other skin stressors. They’re also powerful defenders in the fight against aging by warding off the free radicals that damage our skin cells and destroy the collagen and elastin that keep our skin plump and youthful.

The Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum

Formulated with six different antioxidants proven to benefit the skin. Alpha Arbutin and Resveratrol are gentle yet powerful skin lighteners that can suppress hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C protects the skin against oxidative stress that leads to dark spots, age spots, and sun damage. Niacinamide and Vitamin E protect and strengthen the skin barrier to alleviate inflammation and lock in hydration. Lastly, Licorice Extract can lighten the skin while also soothing irritation.   

We call this our premium serum for a reason. The Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum is intended to replace all your other serums (yes, even your other Bee Naturals serums!) as it’s formulated with the maximum recommended concentration of each antioxidant, giving you optimal results and the most bang for your buck. And don’t be worried about running out anytime soon, the 1-ounce bottle will easily last you four to six months even if you use it both morning and night! 

The Ultra Illuminating Facial Serum couldn’t be easier to use and thanks to its gentle formulation, there’s no need to acclimate your skin to daily use or worry about dryness and irritation. After cleansing, simply apply two to three pumps to clean skin before any of your other products. For those with more severe hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration, we recommend using this serum twice a day. Once you’ve seen a reduction in hyperpigmentation and for those who want to use it to prevent future skin concerns, you can use it once daily at night. 

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