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by Simranjeet Sahni 18 Aug 2023

The Times They Are A Changing

Welcome Bee Naturals Hive Members!

As many of you may have noticed this is the time of year that we typically introduce new products to our line. We want you to know that that is not changing, but we have so much more planned that we thought it was a good idea to let you know what’s coming!

Online Shopping

A big change is coming to our online shopping site. We are soon to be switching our hosting provider which means there will be many things different about our online store, with many plans to expand in further areas to offer you more.

-New Look

The new site is currently being built with a new layout and design. We will update later with a sneak peek when it’s all finalized.

-Faster And Easier Shopping Experience

Our new host is built specifically for online shopping. This means no more long page loading times, problems with the shopping cart should be solved, checkouts will be faster, you will also have the ability to save your account and card information for faster checkout speeds if you wish to do so.

-Subscriptions And Beauty Club Membership

We plan to bring back Subscription orders in 2024. We are also planning to merge the Beauty Club Membership (that is currently only offered at our Maplewood Spa) with another online membership so that members are able to earn points and use their discounts both online and in-store.

Environmental And Social Impact

Caring for our planet and the beings upon it are always ALWAYS of our top concerns. We periodically run sales to donate percentages of profit to several charities. We also try to be super conscientious of our own environmental footprint. The following is a list of what we are currently doing and further changes that we wish to make.

-The Charities And Giving Back

We do at times announce charities that we want to support and donate usually 10-15% of profits from sales to them. We would like to continue to donate to not only help make a difference but also to help bring awareness to many issues that are especially close to our hearts. We ask that if you would also like to help you can participate by contributing to the sales, donating directly, or even suggesting charities or organizations that you would like to be considered for our lineup. Please keep in mind that we do intense research before committing to sending donations of any kind in order to determine if it’s the best course of action.

Causes that are dear to our hearts:

  • We are a Cruelty-Free Leaping Bunny certified brand. We often donate to various animal shelters, and organizations that care for animals
  • Bee Preservation. That’s a given… not only are Bees important to our planet but we wouldn’t have a company or a business without them!
  • Veterans and PTSD. Words cannot describe how close these issues are to our hearts and how important it is to us to bring awareness of the effects of PTSD on our current soldiers and veterans. Barbara (our owner, founder, CEO, and the lady that hand makes all of these products) is particularly passionate about this issue and is a huge advocate.  

-Reducing Our Waste

We recycle every bit that we can from shipping containers to styrofoam and packing supplies. We already often reuse boxes to send out large shipments, we save all of the packing material that is sent to us in large bins to use while shipping products to other warehouses or wholesale orders.

If you receive a large boxed shipment from us you will find it packed in biodegradable packing peanuts, or on occasion, there will be styrofoam bits in there as well. The reason that we include real styrofoam at times is that it’s been sent to us through a shipment of containers or ingredients. We do not throw it away to sit in a landfill but rather recycle it in our own way as best as we can.

To further our goal of reducing our waste we have been looking at our use of unrecyclable plastics. We currently use fully recyclable containers however there are thin tamper-proof plastics to seal many of our products that are not Eco-Friendly. We are on a mission to reduce this by 75% by the end of 2024, with a final goal of reducing this consumption by a total of 90% by the end of 2025.

We plan to change many of our lids and containers to those which use an induction seal beneath the cap. This would negate the need for an outward plastic covering of those containers. We cannot as of yet completely reduce this use of plastics by 100% as some containers (like pumps) cannot be sealed internally. However, we are looking into replacing our current plastic film with a biodegradable option. Once this decision is made we will update further on our progress to reduce our Economic Footprint.


Sustainability is always an issue that we work diligently to be mindful of and source all of our ingredients from manufacturers that support this endeavor. 

Our Product Line

Finally, the one that you really want to know right?!

-Restore Body Lotion

A body treatment addition to our ever-popular facial products in the Restore Skincare System. This “lotion” is more like a full body serum and can be used as such if you have very dry skin and are in need of something more occlusive as your final moisturizer. Rest assured though, it packs a pretty moisturizing punch all by itself. 

Specifically formulated to care for thinning and fragile skin, the Restore Body Lotion contains 6-star ingredients to moisturize and increase the density and overall integrity of your skin. Over a period of 4-6 months with 2 times daily use, you will be able to see the difference in your skin for yourself!

Official pre-sale and launch dates are still to be determined, but the 0.5 oz Sample size is available!

Click this link to learn more about this product—->

Click here to order the Restore Skincare System and receive the 0.5 oz sample of Restore Body Lotion absolutely FREE!—->

-Our Most Popular Lipstick Gets Its' Own Line

The nude colors have come to shine. Chaste #5, our most popular color, will soon have 3 more colors to compliment its’ neutral tone. It’s time for Chaste to get warmed up, cooled down, and finished off with a chocolatey velvet. 

Sample pictures will be available soon.

Pre-Sale and Launch expected September-October 2023 

-SPF Sun Protection

You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered. Two new sun protection products will be joining us soon. We’ve done our research and contracted out to provide you with products with certified and tested SPF ratings. 

The first product will be the Tinted Facial Primer with 40 SPF. The second will be the Tinted Full Body Sunscreen Stick (with an SPF of 45).

Pre-Sale and launch date to be determined.


We’ve had a lot of requests to provide CBD products in our line. After careful research and consideration, we have decided to carry a small number of high-quality items from a company based out of St. Charles, MO called BeLeaf Life’s Oils. 

BeLeaf has been licensed since 2015, worked extensively for years with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, and adheres to strict testing of every batch of product twice. Although we will not be creating any products with CBD ourselves, we feel that BeLeaf is the right choice for carrying their products for our online shoppers. 

We have chosen to carry 3 of their products including the 1500mg Broad Spectrum Oil, the Pain Relief Cream (with 300mg CBD and 50mg CBG), and the 500mg Pet CBD Oil

Pre-Sale and Launch expected September-October 2023

The Finale

That’s a lot of changes coming in just a very short amount of time. We will do our very best to keep everyone updated with any future plans. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact support at or by filling out the support form on our contact page.

Thank you all so very much!

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