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Are You A Purist

by Simranjeet Sahni 18 Aug 2023

Natural Skin Care for the Purist: Products You Can Trust

In a society that throws around the term “all-natural” like it’s going out of style, you have to wonder: what’s really natural? What can you trust as a consumer to be pure; that is, a product that contains only what it says it does, and none of what it doesn’t? In today’s world of marketing ploys and gimmicks, it can be hard to separate the noise from the truth. Here, at least, you can rest easy. At Bee Naturals, we offer an extensive line of skin care products that contain botanicals; essential oils and bee derivatives so you know you’re getting a natural approach to beauty. Ask yourself: are you a purist? If so, you don’t want to saturate your skin with off-the-shelf products at the discount store that contain more dyes and unnatural products than most manufacturers would care to admit. Sure those products are cheap, but are they good for you and do they really work? Nope.

The Purist Vision

A purist is a discriminating consumer, one who takes the time to read the labels, do the research, and realize truly natural products that you apply to your skin should be the only way to go. You don’t mind paying a little bit more for your products because you know they work and that they’re good for you–and the environment. The purist is someone who does not and will not compromise, someone who will buy affordable skin care products that won’t break the bank but that do the job exceptionally well.

Research-Based Products=Quality All-Natural Results

In order to offer all-natural skin care products like Bee Naturals, a lot of time, dedication and research must go into the final result. That’s what long-time nurse Barbara Chappuis did when she first developed Bee Naturals Skin Creme Bars to protect her own hands from the variety of harmful substances inherent in a clinical hospital environment. Plagued by cracked, raw, and nearly bleeding hands thanks to cheap commercial creams and lotions, she decided there had to be a better way. Many of those products, she discovered, contained just as many harmful chemicals as the germs she was trying to wash off! After taking a lot of time to formulate her own products with natural ingredients, she never compromised on incorporating high-quality ingredients — with each one having a specific therapeutic purpose: to protect and heal skin.

A Tradition of Natural Promises

The result was a skin care line that featured therapeutic natural ingredients for the whole family, highlighted by a purist line of artisan-made, green chemistry, Leaping Bunny-certified products. As a purist yourself, you know how important it is to give luxurious treatments to your hands and body, only possible through the use of premium quality products with natural ingredients formulated in small batches. From acne and oil control to bed and bath, there is a product for everyone: man, woman and child. So go ahead, we dare you: take a look at the labels on all of our products. You won’t see anything you can’t pronounce and you won’t see endless paragraphs of artificial ingredients.

Become a purist and stay a purist with Bee Naturals.

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