Why are certain items sold in packs of multiples? Can I only order one?

Why are certain items only available in packs of multiples (2 or more)?
The answer is to cover the cost of shipping. Certain items will either be too heavy or too light in weight for us to be able to ship free of charge (in the U.S.).
For example:

*Item too light to ship*
Bee Naturals Lip Gloss Stick
Individual Price
Average Cost to Ship Individual
Average Cost to Ship 3 of This Item

*Item too heavy to ship*
Whitening Pre-Brush Oral Rinse
Individual Price
Average Cost to Ship
Average Cost to Ship 2 of This Item

The pump on my foaming bottle isn’t working

This does happen on occasion. Sometimes it is indicative of a faulty pump however the majority of the time it just means that there is a buildup of product stuck inside the pump. It’s very easy to clean it out, just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the lid and remove it from the bottle.
  2. Take the top portion and run it under warm water while upside down.
  3. Try pumping the top several times while under the water.
  4. Keep pumping until the water has been worked through the pump and is coming out of the other side (this means the blockage is cleared).
  5. After the blockage is cleared, dispel any water still left in the pump.
  6. Allow the lid to dry and screw it back into the bottle with the product.

If you have followed all of these steps and the pump is still not working, please contact our customer service department HERE to receive a replacement pump.

Are your products organic?

We do not have a USDA Organic Certification at this time, as it would drastically increase our product pricing, and that is not something that we wish to do.

We are, however, cautious about where we source our ingredients from, and we do use many certified-organic ingredients.


Do your products contain chemicals?

The simple answer is yes. Our favorite saying is, “We formulate to offer you the best that science and nature have to offer.”

We sometimes use ingredients that are compounded in a lab for reasons such as:

  • That it may be purer coming from a lab over what is found in nature.
  • Sometimes items found in nature will be contaminated with heavy metals but producing them in a lab will not contain these contaminants.
  • Ethical reasons
  • Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the human body. We use a synthesized hyaluronic instead for purity and it’s more ethical.

However, we AVOID the use of non-renewable petro-chemicals, such as mineral oil, etc.

Is there a Bee Naturals store I can visit?

Yes! We have two brick and mortar stores in Missouri

  • Clarksville
  • Maplewood (our Spa location)

Click HERE to see the locations, hours, and contact information.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes they are gluten-free. but not certified.

Obtaining the certification for this is a large expense that would drive up the cost of our products to an unacceptable level.

To keep our products at a reasonable price point, we have chosen not to gain the certification at this time.

Are your products vegan?

We use beeswax in many products, which is not considered Vegan, as it is naturally produced by bees.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes! Bee Naturals is committed to animal welfare and safety and never uses ingredients from sources that don’t demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare. We’re Leaping Bunny certified.

Do your products contain preservatives?

The simple answer is yes. We primarily use paraben-free preservatives, such as phenoxyethanol in our water-containing products.

In our products that do not contain water, we will sometimes use natural rosemary oil extract to help prevent oxidation of the oils.

See our blog post about preservatives, here: https://www.beenaturals.com/preservatives-natural-skin-care/

What happens to my product if it’s after the BB (Best By) date?

The BB (or best by date) is a general indication of overall product performance expectations.

It is NOT an expiration date (like what you find on food or medicine). However, you may observe the following:

  • Viscosity or thickness can decrease over time
  • It does not mean that your product is no longer safe or fresh it is a suggestion based on the performance of the products over time.
  • Please keep in mind that the preservatives in our products, that contain water, do deteriorate over time, so we do not recommend keeping products such as those laying around for years after the BB date has passed.