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Hydrating Vs Moisturizing Skin Care


Many see “hydration” and “moisture” as interchangeable words that describe the same thing, believing a skin hydrator is the same as a moisturizer. It is a common misconception, and an easy mistake to make.  In reality, however, these are two very different types of products specifically formulated to serve a different purpose for the skin.  Believe it or not, hydrator and moisturizer are not just synonyms written on products as part of a clever marketing scheme to make you buy
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Preservatives & Natural Skin Care


The time has come to discuss a topic that has built up quite the reputation over the past few years.  Having worked retail for a variety of natural skin care companies, I would argue that the most frequently ask questions by customers are those concerning the use of preservatives.  And it’s not hard to see why! The likely culprit of our confusion? In my opinion, a lot of the confusion stems from what I call the, ‘preservative-free’ movement and the
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Benefits of Peptides in Skin Care


Peptides are found in many effective anti-aging skin care products.  While there is no singular, miracle ingredient that will give you those instant, youthful results we all wish for, peptides are an extremely important ingredient to look for in your wrinkle fighting creams, serums, and under eye products. What are Peptides? Peptides are formed by chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of skin proteins.  When peptides are created by a long chain of amino acids, they become
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Rating the Safety of Cosmetic Ingredients: EWG Reliable Resource?


Nine times out of ten, the average customer that strolls into a natural cosmetics store is an ingredient detective.  They care about what ingredients have been used and have acquired some sort of general knowledge on what should and should not be included in product formulations.  Thirsty for knowledge, this particular clientele often wonders what online resources are available to aid them in their product investigations. The Importance of Multiple Resources Bee Naturals owner Barbara Chappuis is frequently asked this
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Peeper Keeper Eye Balm: Understanding the Ingredients


Bee Naturals customers often boast of the Peeper’s Keeper Eye Balm’s protective and moisturizing qualities, as well as its ability to minimize the appearance of fine lines. While the product is formulated to address concerns in the eye area, many have found it to benefit chapped lips and cuticles. To uncover the secrets behind this top seller’s success, look no further than its list of natural ingredients. Here are a few of the eye balm’s true heroes:  Olive Oil: Olive
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Bee Naturals’ Natural Insect Repellent Ingredients


Mythbusters: What’s Actually in Your Insect Repellent? Bugs are the most notorious party crashers of your Fourth of July celebration. No matter how exclusive the party, they are sure to show up and bring along all their friends.  In preparation to party with these unwanted guests, friends and family shower themselves in a fog of commercial insect repellents.  While the ingredients in these products succeed at keeping the bugs from biting, they are incredibly harmful to the body. Toxic Chemicals
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Bee Naturals – About Our All Natural Ingredients


Bee Naturals All Natural Ingredients – What does that mean? I’ve been imploring our customers to read labels for years – to learn about what’s healthy, not so healthy and everything in between so that they can make educated choices about what products to use and those to avoid.  Fortunately, today’s consumer is much more savvy and demands to understand what all those unpronounceable ingredients really are and how they might affect their health. My earliest motto was, ‘if it’s safe
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