• So glad you asked!  There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Expiration Dates and Best By dates.  For simplicity, expiration dates are generally best related to products that will a) spoil after the date passes (such as fresh food) or b) a drug that has active ingredients, whether prescription or OTC (over the counter) that will possibly lose its potency after a period of time.
  • Best By dates, on the other hand simply give a general indication of overall product performance expectations and, as in the case with lotions and/or creams, viscosity or thickness can decrease over time.  Just because a best by date has passed does not mean your product is no longer safe or fresh.  It’s just a suggestion, but do keep in mind that preservatives will deteriorate over time, so we don’t recommend that you keep products, especially those containing water lying around in your cabinet for years prior to use.

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