• Absolutely!  If a product contains water, it must contain a preservative to prevent the rapid proliferation of bacteria, mold and fungi.  Think of your favorite skin cream or lotion as being similar to a batch of pudding. Both contain many of the similar ingredients that are ‘food’ for nasty organisms.  You wouldn’t leave that batch of pudding on your kitchen counter for a week and then decide to eat it, would you? Even under sterile manufacturing conditions, all will grow organisms that can call serious, potentially fatal illness.
  • Products that don’t contain water, in general, are much less likely to support bacterial growth and are sometimes referred to a ‘self-preserving’.  As long as water is not introduced into these anhydrous or water-free products, technically, preservatives are not required. We use natural rosemary oil extract in these products to help deter rancidity, or oxidation of the oils.  We primarily use paraben-free preservatives, such as phenoxyethanol in our water containing products.
  • See our blogspot about preservatives, here: https://www.beenaturals.com/preservatives-natural-skin-care/

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