• That’s a BIG question, but for simplicity, yes, we sometimes use ingredients that are compounded in a lab for a host of reasons, one being that it may actually be purer in form that that found in nature.  Mind boggling, isn’t it? Take for example, oxides. They are found in nature and were used for years to color various things from pottery to cosmetics, however, natural oxides are frequently contaminated with heavy metals, so are now produced without contaminants in the lab for purity. We also use hyaluronic acid in some of our formulas, which has great, hydrating skin benefits, but we use synthesized hyaluronic for purity as well as ethical reasons. As for nasty chemicals, no. We also avoid the use of non-renewable petro-chemicals, such as mineral oil, etc.
  • We formulate to offer you the best that science and nature have to offer.

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