Why is my product in a different bottle than what’s been pictured?

Category: General Info

There are a variety of reasons that this could have happened and we do apologize for any inconvenience that it may cause you. Possible reasons could be:

Reason #1:

Covid-19 has affected a great many things including our ability to purchase the supplies needed to make and package our products. Pump bottles for instance were completely sold out for a long period of time. So items such as our hand sanitizer had to go in flip-top lids instead of the pump.

Reason #2:

Sometimes we receive many customer requests to change certain products’ packaging to make it easier and more convenient. We try to comply with that demand. However, it is not always the case that our images on our website get updated in time for the changeover. This is a situation that we are striving to correct.

Reason #3:

Again a supply issue if our supplier runs out or a shipment is delayed in getting to us. There are many times that we run out of a specific bottle and must use something that we have on hand that is similar. Rest assured that the packaging, in this case, will go back to the normal packaging as soon as possible.