Why do your products smell like chemicals sometimes?

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Some of our products can be off-putting because of the smell. It’s a little-known fact that many skincare companies will use ingredients to cover, or mask, the smell of the main ingredients in their products. It’s just because no one likes the smell of chemicals, and really why would they? It’s not a pleasant smell.

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients that are placed there in order to mask the smell are going to be either a chemical sunscreen… or a fragrance. Both of which are common skin-aggravating ingredients that don’t react well to individuals with sensitive skin issues. Ninety percent (possibly more) of our customer base come to us because of these sensitive skin issues. This makes sense because that’s why our company is here, to provide alternative solutions to those that haven’t found relief anywhere else.

We don’t mask the smell of our products because we want to make them as safe for sensitive skin as we can. We also hold the firm belief that all ingredients in our products should have a purpose that is beneficial to the skin and body. So while you might find certain ingredients are binding agents, or preservatives, or even some fragrances made with essential oils, you won’t find an ingredient that serves an arbitrary purpose (like covering up the smell of the other ingredients).


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