Why do your products smell like chemicals sometimes?

Some of our products can be off-putting because of the smell. It’s a little-known fact that many skincare companies will use ingredients to cover, or mask, the smell of the main ingredients in their products. It’s just because no one likes the smell of chemicals, and really why would they? It’s not a pleasant smell.

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients that are placed there in order to mask the smell are going to be either a chemical sunscreen… or a fragrance. Both of which are common skin-aggravating ingredients that don’t react well to individuals with sensitive skin issues. Ninety percent (possibly more) of our customer base come to us because of these sensitive skin issues. This makes sense because that’s why our company is here, to provide alternative solutions to those that haven’t found relief anywhere else.

We don’t mask the smell of our products because we want to make them as safe for sensitive skin as we can. We also hold the firm belief that all ingredients in our products should have a purpose that is beneficial to the skin and body. So while you might find certain ingredients are binding agents, or preservatives, or even some fragrances made with essential oils, you won’t find an ingredient that serves an arbitrary purpose (like covering up the smell of the other ingredients).


What’s the difference between Men’s Peeper Keeper and the other Peeper Keepers?

That’s a great question! Thank you so much for taking the time to ask us. The difference between the other Peeper Keepers and the men’s Peeper Keeper is mostly in the peptides. Peptides help to stimulate and renew collagen, smooth wrinkles, improve texture, and strengthen the durability of your skin. We recommend this creme for men’s skin because the structure of a man’s skin is different from a female’s. Because it is usually thicker, men often need products with ingredients that can easily penetrate deeper than women typically do. Does that mean that women cannot use this product? No. It just means that of all of our eye products, this is one that we would recommend for men to use. This is a great article of ours that explains the difference between male and female skin https://www.beenaturals.com/skincare-for-men-what-you-need-to-know/ 

If you have particularly dark circles in your under eye or you want an under-eye cream that is more anti-aging than the Peeper Keeper Riche (Which has 1 poly peptide in it) then I would recommend using the Mens’ Peeper Keeper product.

What are brown, yellow, and red natural oxides?

The brown, yellow, and red natural oxides are the powdered pigments used to produce the tint in the Tinted Facial Primer.

Natural Iron Oxides are pigments that range from rich red-brown to dark red-violet and have a very high iron oxide content making them both high tinting and opaque.

My CC serum is green/brown this time. What changed?

What you’re seeing is Chlorophyllin. It starts out as a green color and then (because it is photosensitive) fades to a more brownish color over time. The more green your serum is, the more recently that it’s been made.

What is Phenoxyethanol? What does it do?

Phenoxyethanol can be a bit of a controversial topic. It is found in nature specifically in things like green tea and chicory. However, for cosmetic use, we use a synthetic version. Its use is meant as a stabilizer and as a preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in water-based substances.

In very large concentrations, studies have found it to be an irritant and should definitely not be ingested by children or infants as it can cause serious problems. Of course, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to it you should also refrain from usage.

For cosmetic purposes in our products, it is used in concentrations of 1% or less which is deemed as safe according to this report as published by the Journal of the American College of Toxicology (Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Phenoxyethanol) which can also be found by going to Cosmetic Ingredient Review.

We also recommend reading these articles as well:

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Why are certain items sold in packs of multiples? Can I only order one?

Why are certain items only available in packs of multiples (2 or more)?
The answer is to cover the cost of shipping. Certain items will either be too heavy or too light in weight for us to be able to ship free of charge (in the U.S.).
For example:

*Item too light to ship*
Bee Naturals Lip Gloss Stick
Individual Price
Average Cost to Ship Individual
Average Cost to Ship 3 of This Item

*Item too heavy to ship*
Whitening Pre-Brush Oral Rinse
Individual Price
Average Cost to Ship
Average Cost to Ship 2 of This Item

The pump on my foaming bottle isn’t working

This does happen on occasion. Sometimes it is indicative of a faulty pump however the majority of the time it just means that there is a buildup of product stuck inside the pump. It’s very easy to clean it out, just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the lid and remove it from the bottle.
  2. Take the top portion and run it under warm water while upside down.
  3. Try pumping the top several times while under the water.
  4. Keep pumping until the water has been worked through the pump and is coming out of the other side (this means the blockage is cleared).
  5. After the blockage is cleared, dispel any water still left in the pump.
  6. Allow the lid to dry and screw it back into the bottle with the product.

If you have followed all of these steps and the pump is still not working, please contact our customer service department HERE to receive a replacement pump.

Are your products organic?

We do not have a USDA Organic Certification at this time, as it would drastically increase our product pricing, and that is not something that we wish to do.

We are, however, cautious about where we source our ingredients from, and we do use many certified-organic ingredients.


Do your products contain chemicals?

The simple answer is yes. Our favorite saying is, “We formulate to offer you the best that science and nature have to offer.”

We sometimes use ingredients that are compounded in a lab for reasons such as:

  • That it may be purer coming from a lab over what is found in nature.
  • Sometimes items found in nature will be contaminated with heavy metals but producing them in a lab will not contain these contaminants.
  • Ethical reasons
  • Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the human body. We use a synthesized hyaluronic instead for purity and it’s more ethical.

However, we AVOID the use of non-renewable petro-chemicals, such as mineral oil, etc.

What’s the SPF in Tinted Facial Primer 25% Zinc Oxide?

25% level of zinc oxide is thought to provide sun protection equivalent to an SPF rating of 25-30.

We do not list this on the label because our product is not an FDA OTC product with a lab tested SPF rating.

Here are some great articles to read so that you may form your own personal decision about sunscreen and protection: