Why isn’t my retail gift card/discount/promo working on your website?

The retail stores and our website run on two different systems and unfortunately, at this time, any gift cards/discounts/promos offered in our retail locations are not useable on our online store.

The same goes for anything being promoted or bought on our online store – it is not transferable to our retail brick and mortar locations.

If you’d like to purchase a gift card for our Spa location in Maplewood you can find the contact information HERE. They are able to to do this process over the phone and is an easy way to give a special treat a friend or loved one that lives in the area if you do not.

I just placed my order but forgot to use my discount. Can I still use it?

Unfortunately we cannot process a discount on a completed order, but depending on your coupon details and the expiration you may be able to use it on your next order.