Over the years, we’ve received many letters and emails from people who have finally found relief with our products. Here are just a few.

Skin Creme Bar helped clear up my psoriasis
Sue in McComb, IL

My husband has very dry hands that chap terribly in the cold months. He would put on hand cream several times an hour and even had to use prescription creams, but the cracking kept getting worse.
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Skin Creme Bar helped close up cracks in my hand
Valerie in California, MO

I told a friend who tried your product after trying it and the cracks in my hands closed up. Friends used to call her to find out whether we’d have snow, because her hands would always crack and bleed before a snow came.
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Vanilla Skin Creme Bar works magic on my skin
Valerie in Columbia, MO

The two vanilla Skin Creme Bar works magic to me. One is for my local doctor, he needs to know this product really works. So he can help those people who bought everything in the market to clear up their cracks and peeling skin.
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Skin Creme Bar helped my rough and scaly hands
Debbie in DeSoto, MO

My hands were so rough and scaly that I couldn’t put on nylons without gloves. After using the Skin Creme Bar my hands are 200% better.
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Skin Creme Bar healed my hand eczema
Heidi in Middleton, NH

I have had a problem with eczema and Skin Creme Bar has healed my hands and relieved the itch.
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Skin Creme Bar works miracles for chronic dermatitis
Susan in Cambridge, England

I have chronic dermatitis on my hands and It’s been plaguing me for years. So I bought the Skin Creme Bar and it’s been working miracles on my hands!
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Skin Creme Bar is wonderful on my hands
Barbara in Georgetown, NY

I bought some of your Skin Creme Bar. They are wonderful! I am a quilter and they worked wonders on my hands.
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Skin Creme Bar made a difference in my dry hands
Sherri in Salisbury, NC

Skin Creme Bar made a difference to work at a greenhouse/nursery and [was] looking for something for my hands because playing in the dirt and water all day kept them dry and chapped.
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Your Products made my skin so smooth and calm
Kateri V

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the products I ordered from you. This year I decided to stop throwing money away on high priced chemical ‘advanced’ skin care. I researched many different natural skin care lines and yours just seemed appealing and VERY well priced. It has been barely a week and my skin is so smooth and calm
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