The biggest thing that I have noticed when you have rosacea, is you’ll get little bumps and red ruddy skin. I would have to say that has toned down a lot since using Bee Natural products. I don’t have the bumps like I have a tendency to get.

First and foremost it is the product. The product has worked really well for my skin. The past two facials that I have received here (at Bee Naturals) have been gentle, smooth, calming.

I was listened to. I was carefully evaluated for my skin type. And they were able to customize and come up with a formula of their products that would work really well for the conditions that I have for my skin type.

That’s why I love coming here (Bee Naturals). I’m looking forward to a lot more services!

inflammation soothing facial oilinflamation soothing facial ingredients

Inflammation Soothing Facial Oil


For sensitive, and inflammation prone complexions. Soothe the discomfort of acne breakouts, over sensitivity, or any other inflammatory skin conditions…

cc serum 1mlcc serum ingredients

CC Serum


Bee Naturals CC Serum stands for Calm and Clear. Highly regarded by our clients with rosacea, redness and sensitive complexions.

Calming Facial Tonic


This product is a must have for those with the most sensitive skin. Simply mist the face and throat anytime the skin is dry, red, flushed or irritated for soothing hydration.

Our ultimate hydrating Facial Tonic is for those with extremely sensitive skin and/or rosacea. Our fragrance-free formulate is loaded with humectants like honey and glycerin to keep your complexion dewy and soft and soothing ingredients like feverfew extract and aloe.


  • Alcohol & Fragrance – Free formula
  • Feverfew Extract
  • Formulated with Glycerin
  • Infused with Honey
  • Allantoin & Aloe blend


  • Non-Drying & suitable for highly sensitive skin types
  • Calms & soothes inflammation
  • Hydrates & seals moisture into the skin
  • Natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Reduces redness