There’s relief for dry cracked skin.

Your skin is the first defense again disease and infection, and it’s so important to keep your hands moisturized, healthy, and protected. Joe Dill uses the Bee Naturals Skin Creme Bar to keep his hands in amazing condition — even with the frequent hand washing that is required in his job industry. Learn how it’s changed his life, and the lives of those around him.

My name is Joe Dill and live in St. Louis. I’ve been coming to Bee Naturals for about three years or more.

I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for a number of years now. When you work in the restaurant industry, you wash your hands a lot and it takes a lot of the moisture out of your skin.

Since coming to Bee Naturals, I’ve been keeping their Skin Cream Bar in my back pocket. Every time I wash my hands, I use that Cream Bar to put the moisture back into my skin.

It’s probably the best cream bar for my skin that I’ve used on the market.

A friend of mine has had problems with skin. On her hands there’s a type of rosacea.

I gave her the hand cream that I use, and it actually started healing her hands back up, putting a protective seal around it.

It’s when I don’t use the product as when everything seems to start to recede. So that’s what keeps me coming back in.

I come in for the skin cream and then that’s led to me using other products.

Thank you. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped tremendously.

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BN for Men: Anti-Aging Serum

$24.98 or subscribe and save up to 15%

BN for Men: Anti-Aging Serum

Use this powerful elixir twice daily to fortify and protect your face from visible signs of aging. Concentrated nourishing oils combined with essential oils, vitamins A, C and E protect from free radicals. Travel size packaging.


  • High concentration of oils
  • Rich in Vitamins E, A & C
  • Blend of 9 essential oils
  • Formulated with nut oils & butters in conjunction with Helio Carrot


  • Only a few drops are needed to cover the entire face
  • Protect skin from free-radicals
  • Soothes irritation, fights environmental threats & renew skin’s texture
  • Creates supple, dewy skin & encourages cell renewal

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