Luxury Creme Body Wash

Product Description

A Body Wash that is Gentle and Leaves the Skin Silky Smooth

Our Luxury Creme Body Wash gently but thoroughly cleanses the body leaving the skin silky smooth. This product has lightweight and nourishing emollients. Also recommended for normal and dry skin types.

Luxury Creme Body Wash Has Amazing Benefits that Nourish the Body

This body wash is naturally made with amazing benefits. therefore nourishing the body and leaving the skin moisturized and clean.

  • Gentle & nourishing cleanser
  • Moisturizing naturally made ingredients
  • Non-stripping & great for sensitive/dry skin types

Pour a small amount into hands or bath puff, lather gently, apply to skin, then rinse.

Weight: 16 fl oz / 32 fl oz

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