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Natural Insect Repellant

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This naturally formulated product contains NO CHEMICAL PESTICIDES or DEET. Our formula is made to repel, not kill, common annoying biting insects such as mosquitos, fleas and so forth. It can be used on clothing or skin & should be reapplied as necessary to maintain repellency. Shake well and apply at least every two hours or more frequently if needed.

Herbal Antiseptic Ointment

Herbal Antiseptic Ointment


Herbal Antiseptic Ointment is a beeswax and olive oil based ointment for those who prefer not to use antibiotic ointments for minor cuts, scrapes and scratches.

🐜 Great for Bug Bites! 🦟


  • Natural, safe, infection fighting blend
  • Create a long-lasting protective coating over the skin to defend wounds from harmful elements
  • Trigger the formation of new cells and decreases the chance of scar formation

Bee Naturals Doggie Shampoo


Pure liquid coconut oil based soap with essential oils to keep your canine friend clean, fresh and healthy. Ideal pH for your pet’s special needs. 8 fluid ounces