Men’s Gift Set with Beard and Mustache Care


Men’s Gift Set with Beard and Mustache Care

BN for Men Beard Balm

Bring out the full magnificence of your facial glory with our BN Beard Balm.

BN for Men Beard Oil

No nonsense one step grooming for your face and beard. Conditions, nourishes, and tames to prevent breakage.

BN for Men Deodorant - Aluminum Free

BN Roll-On Natural Deodorant for those who prefer not to use aluminum chlorohydrate based deodorants. Natural essential oils and zinc deter odor.

Ultra Rich Pure Body Shampoo Bar

Made fragrance and color free for fragrance or dye sensitive skin. So rich and mild you can shave with this product and shampoo dry coarse hair; no conditioner needed.

Natural Insect Repellant

This naturally formulated product contains NO CHEMICAL PESTICIDES or DEET. Our formula is made to repel, not kill, common annoying biting insects such as mosquitos, fleas and so forth.

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitizer

Our lavender-orange scented sanitizer is a refreshing way to kill germs on your hands when soap and water are not available. We added glycerin to soften your skin naturally.


Show him your love with this thoughtful gift set.


Beard Balm

Beard Oil


Ultra-Rich Pure Body Shampoo Bar

Insect Repellant

FREE Hand Sanitizer

This gift box not what you had in mind for him?

Send in an order and let us know it’s a Gift, and we will pack it in a gift box along with your note!


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