Blemish Lotion

Product Description

A gentle, effective, non-drying alternative to your daily skincare regime. Developed specifically for managing acne, pimples, and troubled skin this product is salicylate and benzoyl peroxide-free and contains honey, tea tree oil, and other botanicals to help reduce inflammation and further eruptions.

Lightweight and oil-free, this treatment lotion can be used to spot treat or use it on the entire affected area. Won’t over-dry skin and contains no benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, or sulfur.

  • Will not over-dry the skin or cause rebound breakouts
  • Natural anti-bacterial & skin toning properties
  • Calm inflammation & redness associated with acne

Apply one drop to spot treat or to treat an entire area, one to two times daily.

Weight: 1 fl oz


Reviews & Support

4 reviews for Blemish Lotion

  1. lailahsafi

    Since i started using bee natural products my face has cleared up! this product is so good because it is noncomedogenic and has good active ingredients.

  2. Laura

    I absolutely love this blemish lotion. I’m 31 and battling adult acne so this is a lifesaver. It clears up my blemishes without overdrying which is great for my dry, hormonal acne-prone skin. Thank you Bee Naturals!

  3. chloefertig

    Use this product every time a pimple pops up on my face. Works wonders!

  4. Julia

    Love using this as a spot treatment.

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