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As a nurse, Barbara Chappuis developed Bee Naturals™ Skin Creme Bars to protect her own hands from the myriad of harmful substances in the hospital work environment.

Her hands were cracked, raw, and nearly bleeding, even with constant use of virtually every commercially available creme and lotion. Many of those products also included chemicals that are as harmful to the skin as what she needed protection from, such as parabens.

After much research and formulation with natural ingredients, and proof with her own hands healing, her Skin Creme Bar reached its final form. Because the cream was for her own use she refused to skimp on high quality ingredients, as she continues to do with all her products.

There are no superfluous ingredients — everything in Bee Naturals products have a specific therapeutic purpose. They protect and heal skin, period.

Our Difference

Bee Naturals is committed to formulating and producing skin and body care products that have a specific therapeutic purpose and are made with the highest quality all natural ingredients that promote healthy skin and body for overall well being. At Bee Naturals our products are developed and based on our clients’ needs. We are a “green chemistry” company where purity, safety, and excellence are our top and bottom line. We educate our clients to read ingredient labels and ask why. We combine the best that nature and science have to offer to create luxurious, naturally derived products for the body and home.

Our Products

Bee Naturals’ goal is to provide luxurious, premium quality products using the purest natural ingredients, formulated utilizing small batch techniques to create a product designed to help heal, normalize and maintain healthy beautiful skin.


  1. I am interested in your products but it is very important to me that you do not test on animals, so please let me know if you do or do not.

    Thank you, Colleen

    • We are Leaping Bunny Certified and are against any and all animal testing. We support causes like legislation to end cosmetic testing on animals.

    • Hello Colleen, thank you for your interest in our products and for asking this very important question. We absolutely Do Not test on animals and are very proud of the fact that Bee Naturals is Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty-free.

  2. Hello,
    I am a huge fan of your products, but I have a question. Where do you source your honey and bee products from? Is it locally sourced and organic?
    Thanks for your time!

    • Hello Orla,

      Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback- we appreciate it! Our beeswax and honey are from domestic suppliers, but not yet organic. We have plans to convert to completely organic (domestic) by November 1. As for your question regarding ‘local’, it would be impossible for us to use honey and beeswax local to everyone in the U.S.- local honey is usually a concern for those who are actually consuming it daily to reduce their allergic symptoms to local pollen. I’m not aware of any studies that demonstrate that locally sourced honey is advantageous in skin care products. I AM aware of concerns about honey and beeswax imported from China, which we most definitely do not do. I share those concerns. Thank you again and feel free to ask about any other concerns you may have about our ingredients or products.

  3. Hello,
    I recently purchased the oil free moisturizer which has worked great for me. I was wondering if my daughter who is 10 can use it as well. She’s starting to get acne on her t-zone area. The moisturizer contains lavender, tea tree oil, and other herbal ingredients. Are they safe to use on kids? Also, are all your acne products kid safe?
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Barbara,
    A little over two years ago I purchased several jars of Lavender body cream. I recently found two of them, unopened, where I put them for safekeeping and forgot about them! Would they be safe to use now?

    • Hello Mary,

      Moisturizers,Lotions, Face Creams and Eye Creams: 6 months to 1 year. The danger with expired creams isn’t just possible less effectiveness, but also irritation and possible bacterial infection. Ones that are in a pump are less likely to introduce bacteria, while creams in jars should be tossed after 6-9 months.

    • Hi Mary,
      Your Lavender Souffle is safe to use, though it might not be as fluffy. It is an anhydrous (water-free) product, therefore bacterial contamination has not occurred. If it were a water containing cream, I’d say toss it, but you’re good with this one. Creams and lotions that contain water should, as stated earlier, be used within a year, max.

      Thank you for asking- always better safe than sorry.

    • Hi Ruby,
      What kind of products are you specifically looking at? A lot of our products come in various sizes, including smaller sizes. But to answer your question directly, we don’t offer any trial sizes. You can buy with confidence, however, because we do have a 14 day return policy if our products don’t meet your satisfaction.

  5. Hi,
    I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I LOVE your products!! I have been using your products since March 2019! They are wonderful for my skin and smell amazing!! Thank you so much!! I would like to leave reviews so that I could earn more “Bee Points”, but I do not see where other than this part of the website!! I have been using the Oil Free Moisturizer, Night repair Creme, Honey Skin Cleanser and Peeper Keeper Bright eyes! I love each and everyone of the products so far!!
    Laura S.
    Cassville, MO

  6. Hi,
    Why did you return my order (Hand sanitizer) when you were in stock? Did you now increase the price of your product, so you canceled all old purchase orders? unbelievable

    • Dear Vicky,
      We asked customers to limit purchases to no more than 2 bottles of each size. You placed 3 separate orders, which decreases the availability of this product to those who have none. We did fulfill and ship one of your three orders, which you should have received yesterday. We did not increase the price of the 8 oz product until several days ago, as we were losing money on this product, which includes free shipping. You paid the lower price of $7.98.

      We are doing our best to be fair and equitable with everyone as long as our supplies last. If you had ordered 2 each of the 8 oz, 4 oz, and 2 oz at one time, that is what you would have received. We apologize for the inconvenience and this imperfect system, but we are doing our best to be fair and not exploit consumers.

      Bee Naturals
      Customer Care

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