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Part of our mission in Bee Naturals is to educate our customers about the natural products we sell, the ingredients we use, and the purpose they serve.

We love this new feature because it connects us with our customer directly. On every product we sell is the Product Questions feature that allows you the consumer to ask questions directly. Whether it’s after you purchased from Bee Naturals or before you buy our customer experience is important to us.

Once you submit your question in “Product Questions” box, and it is answered by us, we then post it to the product page for display. This way all can share in the information experience. You will notice its next-door neighbor is “What People Say” and that is a review. We appreciate any feedback you may have about our product experience. We look forward to this new feature and the interaction it brings.

1. What are the main ingredients in your products and why do they promote healthy skin?

  • Unbleached Beeswax contains honey, a natural moisturizer ( or “humectant”), trace minerals, propolis (a natural antiseptic), and provides a superior, natural protective barrier. It bonds with surface skin cells, but does not clog pores.
  • Olive Oil is rich in squalene, a skin conditioner. It’s also a good moisturizer because it attracts moisture to the skin, and a rich emollient, well-absorbed by skin.
  • Coconut Oil is an extra-lubricating emollient readily absorbed by the skin.
  • Refined, Non-toxic Castorbean Oil, a rich emollient and humectant oil, conditions skin and hair.
  • Vitamin E (also called d-alpha or tocopheryl acetate) is a natural antioxidant which soothes and heals, and aids in the formation of skin cells. It also prevents rancidity of oils to help maintain freshness.
  • Wheat Germ Oil is rich in Vitamin E and other vitamins such as Provitamin A, Vitamin F and lecithin, and it promotes healthy skin.
  • Essential Herbal Oils – In particular, Lavender and Rosemary act as mild antiseptics, soothing and stimulating the skin. They also provide a pleasant non-synthetic fragrance.

2. How long will a Bee Naturals™ product last?

  • None of our products contain preservatives, since they can be harmful to skin. So once opened, please use the products within 6 months to ensure freshness.

3. How do I get the Skin Creme Bar out of the container?

  • Make sure the bar is a cool room-temperature. Remove the lid, then twist and pop the bar out of the container. You can also “slap” it face down on a firm surface to remove the bar.

4. Is there a Bee Naturals store I can visit?

5. Do you sell Bee Naturals™ products wholesale?

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