Earth Day 2015

Earth Day, April 22, 2015 – Show your support for Earth Day!

Earth Day is a perfect opportunity for me to pause, reflect and plan how Bee Naturals can be good stewards of our earth and the environment.  We’ve been recycling and/or re-purposing 95% of all the materials and supplies we use at the company for years, but I still wonder, is it enough?  Don’t get me wrong, recycling and re-purposing plastic, cardboard, Styrofoam, metal and glass are all good things and I’m proud of our achievements, but I still have to ask myself, what else can we do?  Do our recycling efforts make us sustainable?  In short, no.

Just what the heck does sustainable really mean?  To be truly sustainable. a system, whether it’s  environmental, economic or social must be able to continue to work, not just today or tomorrow, but way into the future.  Further, these three primary systems must remain in balance, and that, put simply, is where sustainability resides.  So our challenge is: what will we, as a company do, moving forward, to better meet these critical objectives?

Here are some of the things we plan to implement this year:

* Source 90% sustainable ingredients (a lofty goal) (Environmental Pillar)

* Source 25% more ingredients certified ‘fair trade’ (Social/Economic Pillar)

* Raise awareness by educating  consumers and providing incentives for recycling our packaging. (Environmental/Social)

Do you have any special stories you’d like to share about how you recognize Earth Day?  Ideas for us?  We’d love to hear from you, and here’s to keeping our beautiful planet healthy and able sustain to us, our children and generations to come!

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