Dominique Sachse gives a "thumbs up" review on Bee Natural's own Cuticle and Nail Oil

Take Care of Cuticles with Bee Naturals Cuticle Oil

We’ve got to take care of our cuticles, and so I’m using a cuticle oil by Bee Naturals, and it really really helps.

Get yourself a cuticle oil. If you don’t have it and you have vitamin E around the house, you can actually take a vitamin E capsule puncture it with a pin, squeeze it, and you can use the vitamin E around your nail bed. Take the cuticle oil, put it all around the cuticle; let it absorb, and massage it in.

Since we’re not trimming cuticles, we want them to be super super moist and soft, so cuticle oil is so important for making your nail bed look really nice clean and manicured.