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Preservatives & Natural Skin Care


The time has come to discuss a topic that has built up quite the reputation over the past few years.  Having worked retail for a variety of natural skin care companies, I would argue that the most frequently ask questions by customers are those concerning the use of preservatives.  And it’s not hard to see why! The likely culprit of our confusion? In my opinion, a lot of the confusion stems from what I call the, ‘preservative-free’ movement and the
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Rating the Safety of Cosmetic Ingredients: EWG Reliable Resource?


Nine times out of ten, the average customer that strolls into a natural cosmetics store is an ingredient detective.  They care about what ingredients have been used and have acquired some sort of general knowledge on what should and should not be included in product formulations.  Thirsty for knowledge, this particular clientele often wonders what online resources are available to aid them in their product investigations. The Importance of Multiple Resources Bee Naturals owner Barbara Chappuis is frequently asked this
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What is Green Chemistry?


Green Chemistry calls for the design of products and processes that decrease, or completely eliminate, the use and generation of substances that are harmful to human health and the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, applies Green Chemistry to “…the life-cycle of a product, including its design, manufacture, and use” [1]. For the cosmetics world, companies that adapt this philosophy create products that are environmentally friendly and safe for human health during all stages of their production.
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