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Understanding Micellar Cleansing Water & it’s Rising Fame

Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar cleansing products have certainly made a wave in the beauty industry over the past few years, and its popularity continues to grow as more and more customers catch wind of its remarkable and diverse benefits.  For me, it was one of those products I put off trying out until recently, and now, have become completely obsessed.  This seems to be the case for many customers I have spoken with, and perhaps the reason for the product’s dismissal at first
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An Interview with Esthetician Julie Bilyeu (Part 2 of 2)


What are some of the most common skin issues you have noticed in your clients?  Climate fluctuations are responsible for more skin concerns then many of us realize.  While I treat clients with different skin types and concerns across the board, the shifting of climates, like moving to a new place or the changing of seasons, is a general issue uniting all of them. A particular cleanser they would use in the spring and summer may be too stripping in the dryer, colder months.  I see a
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An Interview with Esthetician Julie Bilyeu (Part 1 of 2)


What prompted you to become an esthetician?  What kind of training and past work experience do you have in the field? I started working in the beauty industry as a receptionist back in 2000 at a spa here in St. Louis. While working the front desk, I sat back and watched the estheticians form relationships and a sense of trust with their clients which I admired. I communicated with the estheticians often and “picked their brains,” in regards to their
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The Correct Way To Wash Your Face: 5 Simple Rules To Follow


Did you know that there was a right and wrong way to wash your face?   Turns out, there is much more to it than just rinsing with the right cleanser.  For some of you, the idea that there are guidelines to follow, for something as simple as washing your face, may seem silly and insignificant.  But what if I told you that all those fancy serums, cleansers and moisturizers you have purchased are significantly less effective when applied to skin
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Hydrating Vs Moisturizing Skin Care


Many see “hydration” and “moisture” as interchangeable words that describe the same thing, believing a skin hydrator is the same as a moisturizer. It is a common misconception, and an easy mistake to make.  In reality, however, these are two very different types of products specifically formulated to serve a different purpose for the skin.  Believe it or not, hydrator and moisturizer are not just synonyms written on products as part of a clever marketing scheme to make you buy
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Bee Naturals Stocking Stuffers


Although Christmas is a time of joyous celebration, preparation for such a holiday can start to feel overwhelming.  Particularly when it comes to finding those perfect gifts.  And just when we start to feel like there is nothing left to check off our lists, we see the limp row of stockings hanging over the fireplace.  In an attempt to make this holiday season a little bit easier on yourself, look no further than our stocking stuffer product guide.  This year,
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The Battle Against Blemishes, Oil and Acne, Part 2 of 2

Acne and Blemish Daily Essentials

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the frustrations felt by those plagued with acne. Unfortunately, acne is an unforgiving issue that does not discriminate when it comes to your age. Recognizing that blemishes can threaten our skin at any stage of life, Bee Naturals has created a line of products to arm you in your battle. As promised, this section of the article will take a closer look at some of the active ingredients that make these products
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The Importance of Regular Facials


Unfortunately, getting a facial is commonly seen as something you do only when you want to treat yourself, or as a luxury service whose benefits are reserved for only the rich and famous who can afford it. Lets face it; they can be a bit pricey. But take a moment to consider where your money is spent instead. Are facials really more expensive in the long run? A staggering amount of pollution, dirt, grime, and dead skin accumulates on the
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Peeper Keeper Eye Balm: Understanding the Ingredients

queen bee peeper keeper eye balm

Bee Naturals customers often boast of the Peeper’s Keeper Eye Balm’s protective and moisturizing qualities, as well as its ability to minimize the appearance of fine lines. While the product is formulated to address concerns in the eye area, many have found it to benefit chapped lips and cuticles. To uncover the secrets behind this top seller’s success, look no further than its list of natural ingredients. Here are a few of the eye balm’s true heroes:  Olive Oil: Olive
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Eye Balms and Eye Creams: What’s the Difference?

queen bee peeper keeper 0 6oz1

Ever wondered why you need a separate product just for under your eyes? The skin under our eyes is different than the skin on any other part of our bodies. It is extremely delicate, being ten times thinner than any other area of the body. This thin skin gets even thinner over time as we lose collagen, and is the first area to start showing signs of aging. Further complicating matters, the delicate tissue has very few sebaceous glands, making
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