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Skincare Ingredients You Should Not Mix

Discovering the right skincare products for your specific skin type can often be an overwhelming process. Whether you’ve got sensitive, oily, dry, or combination skin, you should be using products that help improve your skin’s health and appearance and not hinder it. From moisturizers to toners and serums, the process of developing the correct routine…

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easy 3 step skincare routine for busy moms

Easy 3-Step Skincare Routine for Busy “Moms”

How to Achieve Healthy, Glowing, Beautiful Skin in Less than 10 Minutes a Day — Without Breaking Your Budget Do you feel overwhelmed by how to build a skincare routine that will nurture your skin without multiple products and steps? At Bee Naturals, we believe in keeping things simple, realistic, and affordable with our CHM…

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know your skin acids for skin care

Know Your Acids for Skincare

Acids in skincare are unsung heroes. They are the miracle tools used to chemically exfoliate, even skin tone, and fight acne, age spots, wrinkles, and scarring. It can seem overwhelming to know which skincare products containing acids are best, but knowing the specific uses for each can be helpful in choosing products that are best…

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at home facial

6 Steps For Your Next At Home Facial Treatment

While we’re not advocates of cutting your own hair, you CAN give yourself some much-needed skin ‘self-care’ while sheltering in place. There’s no reason your face, skin, and nails can’t be glowing, soft, and beautiful. So, let’s do this! Revitalize Your Face With a Facial! You can easily pamper your face at home with your…

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Dimethicone: Everything You Need To Know

When you think of a good skin moisturizer, you think of a product that makes your skin soft, smooth, hydrated, and fresh without leaving a sticky residue. When skin care products are formulated, certain products help create specific desired qualities. Dimethicone (a form of silicone) is often used as it gives a silky texture to…

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build a skin care routine 2

How to Build a Skin Care Routine

I can’t tell you how often I speak with clients who are overwhelmed by all the products available for skin care today and further confused by massive marketing campaigns. Who wouldn’t be confused and exasperated!  Our goal at Bee Naturals is to help you understand your skin, what it tells you every day, and how…

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9 tips for caring for your hands

9 Tips For Caring for Your Hands

A lot of life happens through our hands. With them, we labor, love, and care for ourselves and others. Although people commonly look to your face to determine your age, your hands are one of the key giveaways of your real age. And like your face, if improperly cared for, your hands can make you…

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How to Get Nourished, Hydrated Skin with Ceramides

One of the most essential parts of a woman’s skincare routine is to keep skin hydrated. Skin sheds cells that require repair to allow for more youthful skin cells to float to the surface. Three forms of Ceramides, Panthenol Vitamin B5, and Hyaluronic Acid are essential for hydrating the skin to create an effective moisture…

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top 5 benefits of coq10 in skincare

Top 5 Benefits of CoQ10 in Skincare 

If you’ve ever taken the time to read ingredients in anti-aging beauty products, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a common ingredient. It can be found in toners, moisturizers, and eye creams, because of the effectiveness of reducing the appearance of fine lines.  What is CoQ10? CoQ10 is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body, but…

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key benefits of Niacinamide B3

Key Benefits of Niacinamide (Vit. B3)

Is Niacinamide a Skincare Magic Bullet? If you take a stroll down the skincare aisle at any big box store or even skincare specialty shops, you’ll see big, fancy labels touting the latest combination of vitamins for healthy skin. Vitamins aren’t some super-secret scientific creation. The truth is, vitamins are basically the building blocks our…

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top 10 anti aging ingredients

Understanding the Top 10 Anti-Aging Ingredients

Understanding the Top 10 Anti-Aging Ingredients in Skincare Products, and Why Using Them Will Help Keep Your Skin Healthy, Glowing and Beautiful at Any Age Imagine if you could jump in a tiny box, click a button, and emerge 10 minutes later looking 10 years younger. Anti-aging ingredients are among the most searched and sought…

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serums vs moisturizers whats the difference

Serums vs Moisturizers – What’s the Difference?

Serums and Moisturizers Explained Serums are typically thinner and lighter than moisturizers and have a wide variety of functions. They usually don’t contain oils.  Typically, serums have active ingredients in them that penetrate deeply into your skin. Moisturizers are thicker and creamier than serums. Serums are usually liquid or semi-liquid products, whereas moisturizers are usually in either a lotion or cream form. …

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difference between hydrating and moisturizing skin

Hydrating vs Moisturizing Skin Care

Difference between Hydrating and Moisturizing Skin Many see “hydration” and “moisture” as interchangeable words that describe the same thing, believing a skin hydrator is the same as a moisturizer. This is a common misconception and an easy mistake to make. In reality, these are two very different types of products specifically formulated to serve a…

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questions about hand sanitizer

Answers to Questions About Hand Sanitizer

In Response to Questions About Hand Sanitizer Our hand sanitizer is made with a minimum of 65% alcohol, as required for effectiveness. Hand sanitizer does not expire. Yes, really. To those of you who have recently ordered hand sanitizer from us or those who plan to, please be advised that due to the unavailability of our usual…

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organic bees wax

Exciting News from Bee Naturals Beginning March, 2020

Now Using Organic, Unbleached Beeswax Bee Naturals will begin using organic, unbleached beeswax in all products that contain this ingredient. What does this mean for you?  No concerns about potential pesticide or organophosphate residue. It costs more, but you’re worth it! Our Decision About the Future Use of Xylitol Bee Naturals will stop using xylitol…

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dry skin

Conquering Dry Skin: The Bee Naturals Guide

Warm climate or cool, there’s relief for those who suffer from Dry Skin (xerosis cutis), no matter their skin type. Dry skin (xerosis cutis) is more than an occasional annoyance for many in the world. Even those in warm, tropical climates deal with it! But ‘dry skin’ is a broad and general description for several…

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squalene vs squalane

Squalene vs Squalane Oil: The BeeNaturals Guide

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. It looks younger, suppler, and plumper. It remains resilient when surrounded by harmful environmental factors. And it’s less oily-looking, less prone to irritation, and even allows makeup to adhere more easily. To stay hydrated, our skin creates oils that both attract and trap moisture. But it’s not always enough. Simple…

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dry skin in winter

Beat the Itch: 4 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

Here’s how I know it’s winter. After my nightly soak in the tub, my legs dry out quickly. I sense myself starting to get what I call “lizard skin:” that scratchy, itchy feeling accompanied by the suspicion that my skin has suddenly become a size too small. Do you know that feeling? During the warm…

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peeper keeper trio - differences between peeper keeper and eye serum

Differences Between Peeper Keeper and Eye Serum?

We’ve had a lot of questions about our Eye Formulas, including what are the differences between Peeper Keeper and Eye Serum Products. First of all, let’s talk about the Original Formula of Peeper Keeper Peeper Keeper original formula is a VERY rich product that doesn’t contain any specific anti-aging peptides or ingredients that would reduce…

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Microneedling (Dermal Needling) for Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation

To avoid presenting information from skewed sources aimed towards selling their needling device, this article is largely based on the research and findings expressed in, “The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling,” written by, Dr. Lance Setterfield M.D.  Recognizing Setterfield’s widely respected reputation as a needling expert and pioneer, it seemed appropriate to consult his work…

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Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Skin Care Superstar

B is for Battle Niacinamide, the active component of niacin (Vitamin B3), has been gaining popularity among skin care professionals in the most recent years.  This year in particular will be nothing short of successful in furthering the ingredient’s rise to stardom, as clinical trials and research studies continue to prove the vitamin’s versatility for…

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An Interview with Esthetician Julie Bilyeu (Part 2 of 2)

What are some of the most common skin issues you have noticed in your clients?  Climate fluctuations are responsible for more skin concerns then many of us realize.  While I treat clients with different skin types and concerns across the board, the shifting of climates, like moving to a new place or the changing of seasons, is a general issue uniting all…

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Bee Naturals Stocking Stuffers

Although Christmas is a time of joyous celebration, preparation for such a holiday can start to feel overwhelming.  Particularly when it comes to finding those perfect gifts.  And just when we start to feel like there is nothing left to check off our lists, we see the limp row of stockings hanging over the fireplace. …

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preservatives natural skin care

Preservatives & Natural Skin Care

The time has come to discuss a topic that has built up quite the reputation over the past few years.  Having worked retail for a variety of natural skin care companies, I would argue that the most frequently ask questions by customers are those concerning the use of preservatives.  And it’s not hard to see…

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Benefits of Peptides in Skin Care

Peptides are found in many effective anti-aging skin care products.  While there is no singular, miracle ingredient that will give you those instant, youthful results we all wish for, peptides are an extremely important ingredient to look for in your wrinkle fighting creams, serums, and under eye products. What are Peptides? Peptides are formed by…

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essential facial

The Importance of Regular Facials

Unfortunately, getting a facial is commonly seen as something you do only when you want to treat yourself, or as a luxury service whose benefits are reserved for only the rich and famous who can afford it. Lets face it; they can be a bit pricey. But take a moment to consider where your money…

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What is Green Chemistry?

Green Chemistry calls for the design of products and processes that decrease, or completely eliminate, the use and generation of substances that are harmful to human health and the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, applies Green Chemistry to “…the life-cycle of a product, including its design, manufacture, and use” [1]. For…

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queen bee peeper keeper eye balm

Peeper Keeper Eye Balm: Understanding the Ingredients

Bee Naturals customers often boast of the Peeper’s Keeper Eye Balm’s protective and moisturizing qualities, as well as its ability to minimize the appearance of fine lines. While the product is formulated to address concerns in the eye area, many have found it to benefit chapped lips and cuticles. To uncover the secrets behind this…

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natural insect repellant

Bee Naturals’ Natural Insect Repellent Ingredients

Mythbusters: What’s Actually in Your Insect Repellent? Bugs are the most notorious party crashers of your Fourth of July celebration. No matter how exclusive the party, they are sure to show up and bring along all their friends.  In preparation to party with these unwanted guests, friends and family shower themselves in a fog of…

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Are You A Purist

Natural Skin Care for the Purist: Products You Can Trust In a society that throws around the term “all-natural” like it’s going out of style, you have to wonder: what’s really natural? What can you trust as a consumer to be pure; that is, a product that contains only what it says it does, and…

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Legislation Concerning Your Skin Care Products

Last week a bill was introduced to the United States Senate, one that stands to negatively impact small business owners around the nation. If passed, the bill will require owners of small and mid-sized cosmetic companies to take on some costly new expenses—such as annual fees and registration fees required to file ingredient reports with…

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Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Support Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals Animals in the U.S. are still enduring painful and often deadly experiments to test cosmetics like lipstick, deodorant and cologne. The Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2858), sponsored by U.S. Reps. Martha McSally (R-AZ), Don Beyer (D-VA), Joe Heck (R-NV) and Tony Cárdenas (D-CA), will make this a…

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Handmade Cosmetic Alliance

“Supporting Over 300,000 Handmade Cosmetic Microbusinesses and the Communities They Serve.” The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance is an alliance of artisans, business owners, cosmetic and soap makers from across the country that are passionate about preserving the freedom for small businesses to produce and sell handmade soap & cosmetics in the USA.

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The Skin You’re In

I start my day the same way every morning I look forward to it. I wake up, wash my face with Bee Naturals Cleansing Oil it feels amazing removes my makeup gently and I’m a makeup artist I have to remove a lot of makeup. It’s citrus smell and the gentle cleansing glide over my skin.…

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The Battle Against Blemishes, Oil and Acne, Part 1 of 2

Did you know that acne affects between 40-50 million people in the US, alone?  Just what defines acne?  For our purposes, I’m using the term acne in a broad, general sense, as there are many different types of acne.  see: Though much more prevalent in adolescents, this unsightly and distressing skin disorder can follow…

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Pro-Aging, The New ‘Aging Gracefully’

Let’s face it fellow ‘baby-boomers’, aging is a reality we must endure and ‘aging gracefully’ is passé, rather annoys me and I frankly don’t have a clue as to how to go about it.  Then, we’re all bombarded with thousand of images and ads about as many ‘anti-aging’ products. Well, my philosophy as an 58 year old…

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Ever Wonder Why The Name Bee Naturals?

Back in the early days, some 23 years ago, when the company was young and we had only a small handful of products I started thinking, hmmm, how can I find a name for our company that will reflect who we are and what we do.  Well, since nearly all of our products contain honey,…

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Earth Day 2015

Earth Day, April 22, 2015 – Show your support for Earth Day! Earth Day is a perfect opportunity for me to pause, reflect and plan how Bee Naturals can be good stewards of our earth and the environment.  We’ve been recycling and/or re-purposing 95% of all the materials and supplies we use at the company for years,…

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Bee Naturals – About Our All Natural Ingredients

Bee Naturals All Natural Ingredients – What does that mean? I’ve been imploring our customers to read labels for years – to learn about what’s healthy, not so healthy and everything in between so that they can make educated choices about what products to use and those to avoid.  Fortunately, today’s consumer is much more savvy…

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Announcing the Web Site Redesign

We are pleased to announce an All-New We have been working on this project for some time now and are VERY HAPPY with the new design. Some of the new features you will love: Easy to search catalog! Just type in your search terms in the top right hand search box. Facebook comments and…

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